Want Become Admin? Read This!

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Want Become Admin? Read This!

Post by OldMeister on Thu May 19, 2016 8:21 pm

You Want Become Admin Server? Request Here!
First Of All We Have Our Own Rules If You Want Become Admin.
You Have To Be Active How Much You Can And Help People On Our Server!
You Have To Invite Atleast 5 Players and we will check it
You Have To Be 13+ To Be Admin
You Have To Be Register 30+ days
You Have To Help Players
You Have To Keep All Rules And Our Server Rules If You Want Be Admin
How To Request Admin?
You Have To Request From The Owners OldMeister Or Franklin.
You Have To Ask Only 3 Times Per Day if you spam with this it will be a warning and your request will be removed
Where To Request?
Post A Topic With Your Name Birtday Date And How Much Time You In Server And You Agree The Rules.

Thats All I Hope You Will Join The Admin Team And Have A Lot Of Fun
-Good luck OldMeister

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